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Tender notice of refrigerant Department of FAW TOYOTA Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

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In order to meet the daily after-sales service needs, Donghai Rubber and Plastic (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: TRG) plans to implement a tender for refrigerants, welcomed the...
In order to meet the daily after-sales service needs, Donghai Rubber and Plastic (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: TRG) plans to implement a tender for refrigerants, welcomed the strong and standardized company to participate actively. Please pay attention to the following announcement:
1. content of the project:
1.1 project name: Donghai rubber plastic (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. refrigerant bidding
1.2 use scope: TRG, 8 FPD in the whole country.
1.3 contract time: one year
2. qualification requirements
2.1 company registration time: registered before January 1, 2015;
2.2 Company Scale: 2 million registered capital (including 2 million) or more, with a stable core team (more than 10 people);
2.3 no record of bad employment.
2.4, the company has independent operation.
2.5 manufacturers and agents can participate. The agent must provide the certificate of authorization of the brand, the authentic and effective official website of the brand, and must provide all the original qualifications on the day of bidding. Provide the relevant qualification documents; the agency authorization time requirements, the agency authorization period must be valid in 2018, and must provide the corresponding proof of the agency period;
2.6 The bidding company must cooperate with the main engine factory and large dealer group in the past three years, and must provide the true contract certificate of cooperation.
2.7 it is necessary to provide pictures of bidding products, including packaging styles and product details.
3. business requirements
3.1 Ordering Mode and Logistics: TRG purchases corresponding products from its suppliers, and the suppliers shall logistics the corresponding products to eight parts centers (Tianjin, Xi'an, Beijing, Harbin, Wuhan, Changshu, Chengdu, Guangzhou) in accordance with the TRG orders. TRG distributors shall place orders directly under the TRG DMS business management system, and the corresponding products shall be sent to the eight parts centers in China (Tianjin, Xi'an, Beijing, Harbin, Wuhan, Changshu, Chengdu, Guangzhou). The corresponding parts center corresponds.
3.2 supplier payment settlement and TRG operation. N reconciled accounts on 26 days, N+1 month TRG payment N months of payment. Reconciliation and settlement are carried out with TRG.
3.3 The supplier must undertake to compensate for all losses caused by product quality, including direct and indirect losses.
4. products and quotation requirements
4.1 The imported product is R134A (tetrachloroethane), which can be completely supplied by the supplier.
4.2 under the premise of constant product price, the production packaging can be designed or adjusted according to the requirements of TRG. (for example, product attributes change, shape, size, printing special logo, etc.)
4.3 Suppliers must supply products that meet national quality and safety standards, and must provide formal and effective certification of the brand quality.
4.4 Compliance requirements of laws and regulations: 1. All products must be committed to the quality, source, label, label, packaging, etc. to comply with the "Automobile Sales Management Measures" and "Trademark Law" and other relevant national laws and regulations. 2. The bidding company or its cooperative logistics company must have the logistics qualification that is in conformity with the laws and regulations of the state. (for example, the qualification of dangerous goods transportation, please provide relevant certificates).
4.5 the bidder must certify in writing that its products are in conformity with the national standards of quality and safety. A written commitment to quality must be made, and advance compensation must be implemented. The compensation or expansion claim arising from the use of its products shall bear full responsibility.
4.6 The Tendering Company must provide a clear written claim process, which promises to issue a claim counterpart within a few working days. It is necessary to specify in writing whether the products sold are subject to product insurance in the mainland and to provide product insurance policies.
4.7 The Tendering Company may quote the price of the product as required (the price includes the packing fee, the freight insurance fee to the parts center and the tax price). If the price is not quoted, it will be deemed to be automatically withdrawn from the tender.
4.8 the successful bidder undertakes not to raise the price of TRG for any reason during the contract period.
5. registration requires the following information
5.1 company introduction and product introduction (attached);
5.2 List of qualifications documents of tendering companies (see Appendix 1 of the relevant materials on qualification examination), list of qualifications examination elements (see Appendix 2 of the relevant materials on qualification examination), tender authorization documents and project tender acceptance documents (see Appendix 3 and 4 of the relevant materials on qualification examination), legal representative status Certificates, identity cards of bidding agents and identity cards of bidding agents shall be signed and sealed by the legal representative.
5.3 Corporate Qualifications: Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, General Taxpayer Qualification Certificate of VAT, Organization Code Certificate and Other Certificate Material; Audit Report for the Last Two Years (2016 and 2017) (Must be Provided, which must include Audit Report Statement, Balance Sheet and Profit Signed by Accounting Office Table and cash flow statement). (Note: Please provide copies and scanned copies of the above contents; all the above documents must be stamped with the company seal;
The above information and information must be true. If there is any false information and information, the qualification will be cancelled.
6. recruitment process
6.1 announces recruitment notices on TRG official website.
6.2 Receive the company's information (please send a scan before 17:30 Aug. 22 and mail a sealed copy to the designated address);
6.3 screening and reviewing relevant information.
6.4 if the information is submitted for approval, it will inform the company of its next step.
The details of the address and contact details are as follows:
Contact: Bi ran contact mode: 010-59529383
Deadline for registration: 17:30 p.m. on August 22, 2018
Mailing address: West Tower 4, global financial center, 1 East Central Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 
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