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July 2022 Daily Production NQA Award
  • July 2022 Daily Production NQA Award

July 2022 Daily Production NQA Award

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Automotive rubber pipes play an important role in the fuel system, braking system, and cooling system of automobiles. In the fuel system, the hose is used to connect the fuel tank and the engine, and the fuel is transported from the fuel tank to the engine through the hose to ensure the normal driving of the car. In the brake system, the hose connects the brake master cylinder and the brake to transfer the brake fluid. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is transferred to the brake through the hose, so that the car can stop safely. In the cooling system, the hose connects the engine and the radiator, and takes away the heat emitted by the engine through the circulating coolant to maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine.

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